Wednesday, May 12, 2010

a terrible tale of tics

Okay. I gave in. I tried and tried not to start a blog... but here I am. We'll see how this goes :)

I could start with an overview of my life.. but as people that I know will be the ones mostly reading this, that would feel a bit redundant. So here is just a tidbit of my day:

Wednesdays are my days to clean the house fully and completely.. (hence the blog starting!). Brushing my dog is part of my cleaning the house process, and while brushing her I happen to check in her ears.. only to find a tic on her right ear!!!!!!!!! I'm sure that tics do not freak most people out in such a huge way like they do to me, but I was mortified! So I'm freaking out trying to figure out what to do, wishing I had enough cell coverage in my house to call someone, doing a crazy jumpy tic dance, squealing. Miley of course is freaking out right along with me, although having no idea what it is all about. Finally I calm my breathing down, put my hair in a pony, grab the dog and some tweezers, and lock us in the bathroom, absolutely determined to win the fight against the tic. I start folding Miley's ear down, trying to keep her from squirming, and wonder how to get this tic out of her ear, it's down pretty deep in there. So I'm trying to pull it with the tweezers but that sucker does NOT want to let go, and the dog isn't helping any either by being so squirmy. Eventually I win and pull that tic out of her ear and flush it down the toilet. TRIUMPH!!!!! Miley all of a sudden is jumping around, wagging her tail, and I can only assume she feels the relief of having her ear freed from this terrible, terrible tic.

I totally won that battle.

Now, you would think that I would be pretty tic savvy lately. You see, Brad and I went on a hike with our little fluff ball last week, and ever since then we have been pulling hundreds and hundreds of tics off of our dog daily it seems. I just have to find the tics and part her hair, Brad does the gross part. It's really a good deal! But we put Frontline on her for the first time this year since then and thought that would get rid of any we may have missed. Apparently not. Frontline.. its been 5 days. You should work by now.

Anyway... thanks for reading my terrible tale of tics.
Later! :)