Sunday, April 22, 2012

Due dates mean nothing to Eliza!

Well dear friends. I am still pregnant.

Colton was 5-8 days early (depending on which due date you agree with.. the one my MO dr. gave me and I had for the first 8 months of my pregnancy, or the one my NC dr. gave me, and I had for the last couple months. They couldn't agree!) Either way - he surprised us early one Saturday morning and decided to get the show on the road. He wanted out, so he (in my opinion) punched hard enough to break my water. And I was so grateful! I didn't want to wait another day to meet him, and apparently he didn't want to wait either!

Since he was a week early, everyone told me my second child would be a bit earlier. I was very okay with that - and even expecting it. But the days have been ticking by and all of a sudden I am PAST my due date. Sigh. Every day my belly expands a bit more, and I can just see my stretch marks getting darker. (This may be an illusion. I'll have to let you know after she's born!) Every day it gets a little bit harder and harder for me to get on and off the floor to play with my sweet boy. Every day I am just a little bit more uncomfortable than the day before. The hardest part though is just how much I want to play with Colton and do all the things we had been doing even just a few weeks before, that have become very difficult for me. He LOVES wagon rides, and we used to take wagon rides down the street and back very often, then end up in the backyard to climb around on the play house, throw balls, run, splash in the water table, etc. Unfortunately, after pulling that cute little chunker (This boy is 30lbs last I checked!) around the street, when we get back my feet and ankles are so swollen I have to sit and just watch him play in the yard, with my feet propped up. It's not as fun that is for sure!

Picking up toys = difficult. But this has been good because I was super motivated to teach Colton to pick up toys, and he has gotten so good at it! He always needs prompting, and rarely initiates "clean up time," but when I tell him it's time to "play clean up" he knows what that means and he runs around the living room grabbing the different toys and putting them in the correct bins! Oh it's so nice! He is easily distracted, but as long as I am right there next to the toy bins, saying "pick up all the cars!", then "pick up all the blocks!" repeatedly, he does really good. Sigh.. my boy is getting so big. (He thinks clean up time is a game. Please nobody tell him that it isn't!)

So every day I ask God for TODAY to be Eliza's birthday. For some reason, his answer has always been "not yet." I don't understand why. I don't know if He is trying to teach me something (patience?!) or give me more individual time with Colton, but I am trying and trying to enjoy these last few days of being a family of 3 instead of 4.

I am just so anxious!!!!

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