Sunday, September 5, 2010

24 Days and a Wake-Up

Yes.... that is all my friends. My due date is EXACTLY 24 days and a wake-up from today. Doesn't it sound so much sooner to say 3 and a half weeks though? :)
Brad is back from SERE and it is SO good to have him here. Our house feels like a home now, we have been able to finish completely unpacking and organizing... I saved the garage and the bonus room for us to do together, he didn't get completely out of all the moving responsibilities :)
We have also been finishing the baby room. I will soon post pics of it because I think it is super adorable! Just a few more wall hangings, and we have everything we need for it. And everything we (think) we need for baby's arrival! So just to finish washing EVERYTHING. I have washed the clothes and burp rags and sheets and most of the blankets... so maybe just 1 or 2 more loads of some of the rest of the blankets. Also I haven't done any of the bigger sizes of baby clothes... I don't know when I am supposed to do that? I feel like it's too soon to wash clothes he can't wear until he is 3-6 months! Maybe?
I have been really trying to enjoy the last part of being pregnant... I won't do it again for quite awhile! :) But.. it seems the longer this goes on, aka the bigger I get, the more I am ready for this child to get here and be in my arms instead of my belly. My hands and feet have swollen to crazy sizes... As of several weeks ago, my wedding ring began fitting my pinky perfectly! As of a couple days ago, it no longer fits my pinky. Just today, Brad and I were sitting on the back porch watching the cat and dog chase each other around the yard (it was so funny, I wish I had a video camera because they just ran and ran after each other for a good 15 minutes solid!) when Brad looks down at my feet and says "WOAH! I knew your feet were swollen.. but they are HUGE!" ha... i guess when it becomes that noticeable, you can't deny it any more. I kept thinking my feet weren't that bad... but they are.
Also... (as Brad has also pointed out) I have begun to have the "pregnant waddle" and my pace has slowed dramatically. We try to go on walks together every evening and just since Brad has been home, which has been exactly a week today, he has noticed a decrease in the speed of our walks, and a change in my walk. I tried so hard to not have the pregnant waddle! If I make an effort, I can avoid it. But the waddle comes naturally right now.. So I may just embrace it. :)
All this to tell you.. I am so ready. The room is ready. Everything is washed. We have decided to pack our hospital bag and begin praying that God delivers this baby a teensy bit earlier than the due date... as long as he is fully developed and healthy, we would prefer earlier! We shall see though. I suppose patience is a virtue that I am still learning!
Well I will keep you up-dated on this baby and his arrival decisions! I am taking bets though :)

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  1. Oh the waddle- I think it is impossible to avoid! I usually try to hid it in public, but when nobody is around, I waddle like it's nobody else's business! Haha!
    Praying for you three!