Friday, September 17, 2010

8lb Baby

Well I had another Doctor appt on Wednesday. I always go with such high hopes that I will hear something along the lines of "woah.. youre already in labor! couldnt you feel those intense contractions?" haha. I know that this will probably NOT happen and that I will know when I am in labor, but it's good to dream right? I did hear though that this baby is still in the right position to come out (oh good!) and that she guesses that he will not get here until 40 weeks or so (Oh great... 2 more weeks of this?! lol). Also... her guess as to his size right now is 8lbs, and that he will be 9 if she is correct and he gets here close to the due date. Holy big baby, Batman! Brad said "Good! I hope he's 10lbs... we could have ourselves a Saints linebacker as a son!" Um... only if you give birth to him, honey. I'm praying even more earnestly that he comes out NOW to make this all a little easier on my poor body! Also... the story at the hospital on post is that they do not induce labor until 10 days past the due date. That date happens to be 10/10/10. How cool of a birthday would that be?! Although I definitely do not want to have to be induced that much past my due date... it would be slightly worth it for him to have the coolest birthday of 2010. I guess this is all in God's timing though, right? If He picks our baby to have the coolest birthday of the year, and me to be pregnant (gulp) 3 more weeks... then I should accept this and know that God's timing is always the best timing. Maybe He is teaching Brad and I patience... or teaching me how to survive with little sleep without being slightly crabby :) We shall see, I suppose.

Well everyone.. the weekend is upon us! Any exciting weekend plans??


  1. Holy big baby, Batman! Hahaha, that just cracks me up! I agree that 10/10/10 would be an awesome birthday! But I also agree that the discomfort is well, exhausting!

    My weekend plans? Long walks and spicy food...among other like activities, haha ;)

  2. looks like i wont be the only one with a big baby :) but we will see if your little guy eats as much as mine does!
    miss you dear!

  3. oh and how great would it be if you had him on 10/10/10 and he was 10 pounds! that would be bananas (name the show)! ohhh I am so hoping for that now!

  4. update please :) oh and i love your blog layout..where did you get it?

  5. Jess, when will you post about HAVING THE BABY?!?!?! Your avid readers would like the details, please ;)