Tuesday, October 5, 2010

1 week old photos

crying shouldnt be this cute...

daddy, baby, and cat
on our way to church

Brad, Colton, and Lambie taking a nap

precious sleeping baby
baby is more entertaining than tv
cuddling in the recliner

the first week has been a whirlwind. my parents came in town to meet their grandson and they loved every minute of it. they were so much help as well- we didn't have to think about meals at all or do any dishes. Also... Brad and I got to nap and put the gparents on "baby duty" (which I think they secretly really enjoyed!) which was a big help for those nights we didn't sleep!

during this first week we did spend one night and one day in the hospital again. when we went in for his 2-day after discharge appt they checked his bilirubin levels and he was at a 21- which requires intervention. So we were immediately sent upstairs to the pediatric unit at the hospital to put our baby in a bili bed. It was so sad - he had to wear baby shades so he couldn't see and we couldn't hold him at all except when he was eating. I was a slight mess about it and didn't sleep at all the whole night. Colton didn't seem to mind too much actually. He fussed a little bit but we were able to calm him down just talking to him and holding his hands. luckily one day and night was all it took to get his levels down to an acceptable level and now he his jaundice is almost gone!

His sleeping is going well - he sleeps for 3 or 4 hours at a time during the night and during the day we have noticed more periods of awakeness lately. he loves to just look around. its very fun - the first few days he slept in between every feeding and had very few awake periods (i hear that is normal for most babies, esp those with jaundice). I love seeing him so curious about the world! It is so sweet!

Have a wonderful week everyone! :)


  1. colton-bug looks so sweet and cuddly! give him some big hugs and kisses from us!