Thursday, October 28, 2010

One Month

Well, I don't have much to say, or much time to say it. This past month has been a whirlwind of .... amazingness. Brad and I have watched Colton grow and grow and it is wonderful. He has gone from a teeny tiny infant (okay, he still is that!) who sleeps all the time, doesn't have too much awake time, and doesn't eat much at a time. He still sleeps quite a bit, but he has increased periods of awakeness, with increasing alertness. He now LOVES watching mobiles - the mobile over his swing is his favorite. I tell you, he can stare at that mobile waving above him for 10 or 15 minutes straight, just observing. It is so sweet! He sleeps better at night than before. He will go to sleep in his bassinet around 10 or 1030 every night, as opposed to 1230, and wakes only 2 times usually to eat. Both times he goes right to sleep after he eats for an hour. During the day, he does NOT want to be apart from either Brad or I. If he is being cuddled or sleeping on one of us, life is good for him. If we try to put him down, not so much. His swing is our saving grace, the only thing that keeps him happy (sometimes) and lets me get something done!
Brad has been home from work the whole first month, which was SUCH a blessing. He only went back to work on Monday (Coltons 1 month bday) and now he still gets to come home around 10am every day, except once a week he has a full day. This should go on for another couple weeks. I honestly can't believe how blessed we are for him to have this kind of time to spend with us. So many army wives spend some or most or even all of the first few months of their child's lives with their husband deployed or on a TDY, it is quite common, and I know that the Lord has blessed us tremendously and planned the timing of Colton's birth just for us.
My favorite thing that Colton has learned to do this past month, is smile in response to my smile. He doesn't do it every time I smile at him, just about half the time, but it is so stinkin sweet! I love his little smile, his tiny dimples in his cheeks, his toothless gums.

My baby woke up... Until next time!


  1. Colty-pants is so cute...please send him to me to cuddle with :)

  2. such a sweet photo! cant wait to meet this cuddle bug :)

  3. It's November...time to update!!!!