Wednesday, May 11, 2011


We bought a baby pool for our back deck and were SO excited to take him swimming for the first time! Here is a little photog recap of how it went yesterday:

Daddy and baby so excited to try out the new pool!

Here we go:


Oh.. I got my paci.. I'm loungin in my baby floatie... it's not so bad.

Now this is the life:

Yes, I would say pool time was a success... With only a minute or two of crying, and then some splashing fun! We have a baby pool party at a friends today, hopefully it goes just as well :) Also, we are BEACH-BOUND this weekend! My in-laws will be coming in town so we got a beach house. There will definitely be TONS of photos to share, as I will be documenting Colton's first beach experience. Be on the lookout :)
PS. It is so weird to this KS girl to be able to drive to the beach. Y'all.. I can pick up and drive less than 2 hours and be loungin' on the sand, listenin' to the waves, readin' the Nook, workin' on my tan. It is taking me a slight little while to really get this understanding in my brain. I have only taken advantage of this ONCE (with my mom while my hubby was at SERE school last summer!) And I definitely think once is not enough. I am so looking forward to this little mini family reunion on the beach.
Also. My parents are coming to visit us, and they booked a beach house for one of the weeks they will be here. That's right folks, they will be here in the beginning of July and we will be beachin' it. And I just can't wait. Can you imagine watching fireworks on the beach? I can't, but I will be sure to let you know how it goes :)

I know. You all wanna come visit now. Well, there's no stopping you. You're totally welcome. Come on over and we'll take a day trip (if not a weekend trip or longer!) to the beach.


  1. So cute! We got LB a pool too...need to bust out some pics of him in it! So jealous of the beach! One day we will visit and have beach days with the kiddos. Love and miss you

    -You have a Kindle, not a Nook you silly girl!
    -Why didn't we go to the beach when I came to visit? Booo
    -I want to come visit again..but you know how I like to come without mom and dad because I don't like to share. It's because I'm the youngest haha