Monday, November 15, 2010

Lots & Lots of Firsts

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Okay, okay... I am going to try this "Monday Miscellany" thing... all thanks to my good friend over at Daily Sips

1. The first I am SO excited about: sleeping through the night. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Colton has slept through the night for the VERY FIRST TIME. Last night... 10pm-6am. No crying whatsoever, just sleeping. My baby might be a prodigy. I hope this continues!!!!!!!

2. A couple days ago, Colton had his very first flight! And he did SO good! I was super nervous to fly (by myself) with a 7 week old, but Brad was heading out for the week and I was not excited to stay by myself in NC with all my family in KS. So we decided, pretty last minute actually, that I should head home and give my baby some grandma/grandpa/auntie meggie/lots of family time. And I am so thankful. The flight went SO WELL though... He slept practically the whole time, no fussing at all! What a relief! Hardest part: holding the baby, my carry-on, and the diaper bag, while folding up/unfolding the stroller at the end of the terminal. But, thanks to a couple very kind strangers, I survived. And here I am!!!

3. Speaking of flying... while there I had the first person to be rude to me about my baby! While getting in the front of the line to get on the plane, a perk to flying with a child under 5!, a not-so-kind lady took a look at my baby sleeping in the stroller and said "he's sleeping now... so probably he will be screaming the whole flight" UM.. WHO SAYS THAT! I was baffled. Bewildered. Shocked. All I could mutter was "i hope not!" While on the plane, I worked extra hard to prove her wrong, and thought of all these amazing come-backs. "Probably... hopefully we'll sit next to you." "Sometimes, you just have to let your child scream." "He screams so loud it used to hurt my ears! But i'm used to it now"... etc. PS... I'm not a bad mom. These are just rhetorts and don't necessarily convey the truth! Any other good ones I've missed?

4. Colton met his future favorite 2nd cousin. LB of Kelley @ Daily Sips met us in KS for them to meet and play. We got so many ADORABLE pictures of them. Colton is almost 2 months, LB is 5 months, and the difference in their size is ridiculous (and hilarious!!!) Pictures to come... i don't have any way to upload them off my camera right now.

5. Colton decided he wants to be a bully. When laying next to LB for pics, the first thing he does is reach over and grab LB's hair and pull. Luckily that boy has a tough scalp! Don't worry though... he definitely got Colton back. He tried to roll onto him and play with him. It was hysterical!

6. Has anyone else noticed that my life has become consumed with baby? Seriously... what did I do.. talk about... think about... before him? He is my world and I abso-freaking-love him so much!!!

7. The unit Brad deployed this last time just deployed again. It doesn't seem like they have been home long enough to deploy again! Seriously.. talk about taking this "one year dwell time minimum" to the absolute minimum. I can't imagine what these women are going through so soon after we just went through it. I have been praying and praying for them.

Okay.. thats enough miscellany for this monday.

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