Friday, December 3, 2010

December, I'm ready for you!

Is it December already?! I suppose it's time for me to update! (And maybe change out of the fall layout?)

SO, here is an update on my life the past couple weeks, yes I am terrible at blogging!

-We got back from our mini-"vacation" in Kansas... the plane ride home went okay, only some fussing! Okay..maybe more than some. maybe lots. and tons of people giving me that "i-know-what-you're-going-through" look and nod, with a shy smile. Also, tons of crazy advice: "your baby is crying because he can smell burger king and he's hungry..." uh? excuse me? my baby is less than 2 months old. he doesnt get hungry smelling food hes never tasted before. lol.

-We have all had colds ever since returning from KS. For some reason, we just can't kick them! All three of us.. brad less than Colton and I, but him a little bit still. What is going on with colds this year? Seriously.

-On a very happy note: colton has been sleeping through the night. Yes, 8-9 hours every night. can you believe it?! its been over a week of it, and he is STILL doing it!!!! Honestly.... I am soo thankful for sleep these days!

-Christmas shopping... I am almost done with all my XMas shopping for this year, only have to finish Colton's presents and Brads presents. And my mom, but I have a wonderful idea for her, hopefully it will pan out! I have Brads all planned... but for Colton... i dont know why shopping for a will be 3 month old is so hard! I nixed all clothes from my options list. So, I have gotten him gloves and sunglasses for his stocking so far. What else? If only we had a better toy store around here. Online shopping: here I come. Any ideas for a baby for Christmas??

-Christmas card... almost done. Ordering it today (hopefully) but here is a preview of the picture:

Yes, I know. Adorable. We decided to go with a picture with just Colton in it. We just couldn't figure out how to get a good picture of all 3 of us, without another person here to take it. So just Colton it is! Anyway, I think that it is probably cuter with just him anyway!

-Speaking of pictures.... I won a photo session with the amazing Linnie Arnesen through her blog! She was our wedding photographer, and she did our engagement photos. Love her, So excited. When we head back to KS for Xmas, we should get some super amazing family photos! Though not in time for XMas card pictures, still perfect for framing!

Anyway.. that's all for now.
Lots of love!!!


  1. So awesome about the photo shoot! And Colton DOES look super CUTE! Can't wait to meet him! Any tips for flying with a baby? We will be on our flight in less than 2 weeks, eek! 17 hours!! for one flight and 3 hours for the other!

    I suggest a Christmas toy nativity set. I got Charlotte the Little People one for Christmas from
    love u!

  2. He is so cute. Time for you to make that plane ride BACK to Kansas. See you in 14 days :)