Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Half Birthday

I love holidays. I love anything that makes an ordinary day extraordinary. I love traditions. I love the excitement that comes along with knowing what is to come, the expectations of the day. Yes, I find any reason to celebrate anything and I cling to it. And I (want to) go all out with lots of food and gifts and candy and decorations. My darling husband, however, is quite the opposite. Holidays are just another day to him. I do not know if he has always been like this. Actually, I expect he hasn't. His mother and sister have told me stories of him on Christmas being super excited for his plethora of presents and Christmas morning (his mom, I think, is secretly like me.. I have heard the stories of how she went all out for Christmas and over-spoiled them.. I call it over-loving though!) I have often wondered and asked what has changed in him that makes him NOT so holiday crazed. He tells me it is because he is an adult and not a child anymore, but I think that is a sad excuse. I know many adults who loves holidays as much as I do. Secretly I wonder if it has anything to do with the many holidays he has missed because of the army, either being in training or Iraq or Afghanistan. I do not know, but I imagine that it is easier to handle when you don't think of the day being special. Either way, when he is home, it is hard for us to decide how to handle these different holidays. I want to go holiday crazy, he wants to a small simple celebration. Most of the time, he will give in on big holidays and I will give in on small ones (the ones he doesnt even consider celebration-worthy!)

This being said, Colton has now turned 6 months. A half of a year. Thus: A half birthday celebration!! I wanted to invite all his baby friends over and have cake and ice cream. Brad reminded me that babies do not eat cake or ice cream. (Seriously. He's so logical.) And so: plan nixed. I will definitely be over-celebrating his first birthday but I suppose his half-birthday is not over-celebration worthy. And so we settled on a present and me repeatedly singing "happy half-birthday to you" all day. It was super fun for me, although Colton could care less about presents. He is happy with whatever toy/book/piece of paper we put in front of him.

Yes, six months. Can you believe it? My baby is HALF of a year? I think this every month but I think this one moreso. He is no longer a teensy tinesy infant, cuddling and sleeping in my arms all day. I love those days. I miss those days. But I love these days too. He is so FUN now. He is sitting up really well... he can sit up tripod style all day and for a few minutes at a time without using his hands. Which is very fun because now I can sit across from him on the floor and interact better, as opposed to having him sit on my lap while he played with toys. Also, every single thing makes him laugh. I can't get over it. I make a fool out of myself on a daily basis because anything out of the ordinary gets a huge laugh. He is super tickelish, as well. His belly, his neck, his lower back, the bottom of his feet, his ribs, etc. It is so cute. Also (have I already mentioned this in an earlier post?) he loves the animals. Whenever the dog or the cat walk near, his attention is immediately diverted to them. If they get close enough to touch he reaches out and pets them. It is adorable and surprisingly he hasn't pulled either of their hair yet. Lola (our cat) is more patient with him and she will set there while he plays with her fur, running his fingers through it. I love it. The dog (Miley) is not so patient and just wants to lick him all the time. Which Colton loves and I hate. (Seriously! Gross!) Oh well.

these photos are of Colton sitting up tripod style. He's so cute don't you think!!
We went to KS a couple weeks ago to visit family and friends. Colton did so
well. I assumed he would have a little bit of stranger anxiety but seriously.. he doesnt. Which is good, I do not want him to be nervous around loved ones, but I did want him to have a tiny bit of hesitation. Oh well, I suppose he is very friendly and will make friends fast :)
My dad has a blog, I think ya'll should check it out. He has an adorable video on there of my mom feeding Colton. Here it is:

these photos are of Colton and I at the St Patricks Day parade while we were in Topeka, KS!
Well.. I suppose that is all. How is your weather doing? Mine is rainy. A wonderful tea and nap kind of day :)

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  1. So so sweet! Happy 6th month colty! Now the real fun begins :) Miss you guys!