Friday, March 4, 2011

An Update? Well, okay.

Am I bad at blogging? The jury is still out on that .... but the answer is looking like: yes. I am trying to change it though. We will see. Most times, I feel as if my life is not exciting enough to write anything. But I know that I will enjoy reading these posts later on, seeing what was going on in my life, what Colton was doing, etc. and so I will definitely be trying *ahem, trying* to be better. Here we go.

New Things for Colton:
-Colton loves to sit... he cannot sit up on his own yet but if he is on our lap sitting we can let go of him for awhile and he sits quite nicely. And he LOVES it if there's a toy in his lap. It's so fun, we really enjoy it! :)
-Rolling over: eehh... well he can. and he does, occassionally. But I am still not sure if he does it and then thinks "WOAH. what happened!" or if he thinks "i wanna roll. here we go!" My guess, the first option. He has rolled both ways.. hopefully he learns that it is him doing it and not us!
-WEATHER!!! WOW! Growing up in the midwest, the weather in february & march was occassionally good but usually not. It was not uncommon for it to snow over spring break, or for it to be 80. The highs here have been in the upper 60s, 70s, and (twice!) the 80s for the past several weeks. It has been amazing. And as I am trying to become a runner (HA. TRYING.) it has been so nice! I can't wait for it to get to the 80s and stick we can head to the beach for a day trip! Best part of NC, by far! It will be so fun to introduce Colton to the sand and the waves and see how he interacts with it all! I can't wait!!!
-Laughing at the pets. He LOVES them and every time the cat or the dog walks by him he cracks up. He will stop eating, which is big because he loves to eat, and just stare and laugh at the cat playing with a stick. Or crack up at the dog chasing the cat. It is so fun and he gets so much joy out of them! I love it and can't wait for him to really interact with them. He really enjoys petting Lola, the cat, and she just purrs and purrs. It's so sweet.
-Napping. One day, i thought "lets try to nap in the crib. Maybe you will nap longer" as opposed to the swing, and sure enough. He slept for two hours. And now he sleeps from 9-11 every morning and I get so much done around the house! The first day Brad came home and asked me what I had done with Colton all day because the house was so clean. HAHA. It is amazing what I can get done in 2 hours a day. The house becomes almost immaculate, dinner gets started, and I get to shower. Afternoon naps are not quite so long, about two more one hour naps and then a couple 20 minute ones. I can handle that though. I love this morning napping thing.
-Play dates- Colton has really enjoyed having play dates lately. He loves to look at other babies, reach out and touch them, feel their hands, steal their toys. LOL. He is so cute and I love it.

New things for me:
-Colton and I are going to KS soon. I can't wait to see everyone!
-I think that's it. My life is not too exciting!

Keep me updated on your lives, please!
Lots of love!


  1. Pictures! Amanda told me you used baby wise? Just got that book to read. 2 hour nap here I come!

  2. I can't say enough good things about babywise! All of my friends who have used it had their babies sleeping through the night by 8 weeks... most by 6. Colton was 7. It has definitely sold me! Good luck with it!! But.. I will say this about it.. It can put you in a "box" so don't always listen to everything it says and do what seems best to you... in the end you are the mommy and you know your baby better than a book does! I can't wait for your little one to arrive! You will be such a great mommy and have so much fun!!! :)

  3. Yay Colty! He is growing so fast! Can't wait to see you two soon

  4. Awesome nap time! Looking forward to seeing you soon! :)