Saturday, January 21, 2012


I think I may attempt a weekly post (Oh. My. I have never been diligent enough in blogging to do a WEEKLY post.)

But this post will be a blessings post - and I think it will be good for my soul. Every weekend, or.. ya know.. whenever I get to... I would like to do a short list of ways the Lord has blessed me this week. Either through answered prayers, things taken care of for me, reminders of His love/justice/mercy, etc. In my hope, this will be a way to keep me focused on the BIG picture, instead of stuck in the little things, the muck, the mundane, the daily.

I won't bore you by relisting the constant blessings weekly. Of COURSE my husband, my son, my growing baby in my belly, etc. are daily blessings. So count those as permanents, mmkay? :) Unless the Lord re-reminds me in some specific way of those blessings, they will be assumed.

No better way to jump in to this weekly post, then to dive. So here we go.
(PS. feel free to join me on this weekly refocusing journey. I could probably use this daily, but I know for sure that won't happen. So weekly it is! Just let me know you're joining me, so I can comment!)

--We sold our washer and dryer on Craigslist. When we moved here to Texas, our rental home already had a washer and dryer. Since we have a 2 year lease, we thought... why store ours, we will just sell it and whenever we need to, we will buy another one! I listed them on CL a couple weeks ago, got lots of responses, but I am a bit picky about who I respond to. (Please. no creepos coming to my house. If your grammar is awful, or your typing has more mistakes than a 1st graders, I probably won't respond. But if you sound like I would when emailing someone from CL, then I will respond.) So I responded to someone, and they came and bought it. Thank you, Jesus, for providing this. Did we NEED the money we sold it for? No. Will it be useful? Yes. It is going towards baby girl things. :)

--The girl who bought the w/d was super nice, so we went to lunch this week. And we have the same degree, from different universities. And she loves the Lord. Seriously Jesus, how do you orchestrate EVERYTHING?

--I joined a Bible study at PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel, a Bible study on post), and picked Beth Moore's Daniel study. I have been LOVING it so far. Who doesn't love a little Beth Moore insight though, right?! :) I can tell it will be challenging for me -but in a way that I need. Somehow she (or the Lord, perhaps?) is focusing completely on things I have been dealing with. Of course. So I am excited to see how this semester plays out, and what the Lord has in store during this study.

--I won a drawing on facebook for a $50 gift card! And to a baby store, nonetheless! Because of that gift card, we were able to purchase a great lightweight umbrella-ish stroller that our car seat will snap onto, for those times we don't need a double. (Like PWOC!) We picked the Bumbleride Flite, and got a phenomenal deal. We price matched Amazon, so they dropped $80 for that, and then used our gift card for 50, and got it 130 off! Score! :)  PS.. still looking for the perfect double. Preferably on Craigslist, of course!

--Brad gets early release days every Thursday. Apparently this is standard for everyone on Fort Hood, according to the post commander. It is such a blessing to have one day a week he comes home around 3. I love Thursdays!

--The weather here has been 100% amazing. Colton and I have spent countless hours this week playing in the playset out back, swinging, climbing up the slide, tossing a football around, exploring the many different sticks in the backyard, and splashing in the water table. It really has been a wonderful time. He would spend all day outside if we could, and some days we come close to it! All afternoon, at least, plus a long walk around the neighborhood! It is such a joy to play with him, see him learning new things all the time, teach him things, see the excitement on his face as we put his shoes on, etc. I am really trying to soak up these last couple months of just Colton and mommy all day time. I know it will be a lot different with a brand-new baby, and as much as I am looking forward to it, I know I will miss these hours and hours of playing with Colton. So I will soak it all up now, enjoy it, and try to overlook the many, many kicks, steps, sitting on, etc. to my growing belly. I know he just wants to be close to me, and using me as a jungle gym is a fun way to do that. As uncomfortable as it makes me. :)

Well dear friends, sorry I am slightly MIA. Hopefully this weekly blessings post sticks, and I can quit being so sporadic with my posts. Please let me know if you are joining me in this venture so I can be thinking and praying for the Lord to reveal His blessings in your life, as well!



  1. I am so blessed by YOU! And your blessings blog :D Can't wait to get together next week!