Friday, January 13, 2012

Bugaboo Donkey

When searching for a double stroller (I know. My obsession again.) There is one specific stroller that always gets my heart a-racing. But that specific stroller can cost around $1500. EEEEK! The Bugaboo Donkey is amazing, though! But right now BabyGizmo is doing a giveaway of one. Could I be that one? I don't know! But it's worth a shot, that stroller is amazing and everything a girl could ask for!

What is wrong with this stroller obsession of mine?! My husband does not support it at all. Not in the least bit. Which is why I am scouring craigslist looking for my dream stroller. (I have no disillusions that the less than one year old donkey will be on CL right now. But I do know that several others I have my eye on are there - and at prices my husband will approve of, ish!)

If YOU want to enter to win the donkey, just check out the baby gizmo company on facebook. It will give you all the instructions there!

PS. If you HAVE a donkey.. and you want to give it to me/sell it to me for an amazingly low price.. I would be glad to take it off your hands! :)


  1. So funny! Hope you win it! We have a ultralight joovy and love it. :0)

  2. It's called a donkey??? Haha that's too funny

  3. That is seriously the funniest name I've ever heard for a stroller ;-)

    When I was looking for a jogging stroller (last summer) my heart was set on an Iron Man bob, my husband (after years of not being able to barely walk was finally healed and can now run) so I wanted to make sure can take Judah out on runs. So I found a free stroller on Freecyle (look it up, its a yahoo group) do a google search on free cycle and your town. Then I was able to sell that stroller on Craigslist after a friend of mine sold me their iron bob stroller for $50 (she could have sold it for $300+) but we prayed hard for one ;-)

    Just keep stalking craigslist and free cycle