Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It snowed in Texas!

A week or so ago, here in TEXAS, we had a bit of snow. It didn't stick, but we had big ol' pretty flakes falling from the sky. Colton and I quickly got dressed for snow, which isn't hard when really it's not all that cold, and ran outside to experience our first, and possibly only, snow of the year. I got a couple of pretty great shots of Colton loving it. He was very excited to point at the snow, and try and "catch" the flakes. You can see a few of them on his jeans in the photo where he's sitting in his adirondack chair. What a sweet little boy. :)


  1. he is so, so cute! i love that hat!

  2. I love your pictures! And as far as baby girl's room, she's going to love it no matter what. (And if you need help, Colton and I are friends now, and I've got plenty of time to keep him busy :D)