Friday, April 15, 2011

Blurb. Cat.

Since he did NOT want to go on a walk, Colton gave me the stink-eye, and I tried to catch it on camera. But I failed and got this not so happy look instead. But I love it! :)

Has anyone tried this website before:

I have always used Shutterfly to make photobooks. I love how easy they are to just pick a background, pick a layout, and insert pictures and text. So easy. But, I do find them a bit restrictive. What if I want a layout that isn't an option? This doesn't happen very often, but it does occassionally. They have many options but not EVERY option. Particularly if you want your text to not go horizontally.. sometimes I want vertical text. Which isn't an option. And sometimes, I want different effects on my text. Like: shadow. Or a cute little tiny flower instead of a dot over an "i". Shutterfly is boxing me in. So I am on the hunt for a new website to attempt to make a more creative photo book. I would like to make it a baby book.

Yes, I have a baby book that I write in and glue a couple of pictures in. It is super easy. Very "too busy to do anything else" mom-friendly. But I want something a little more complex. So I found this website called Blurb. And you download software to your computer to create your book. I don't know if it does all these things I hope it does, but I will definitely let you know. I am in the process of downloading it right now.

If you have any other suggestions of photobooks, please let me know. I love scrapbooking. But I want to be creative and NOT spend hours at the Hobby Lobby searching for the perfect embellishment for each page.. to find out that each embellishment costs about $6 a piece. (I don't know how to do it any other way). So I want to find an alternative to scrapbooking. A way to do it on the computer. Online. Is this too much to ask? :)

It probably is.


I have a cat problem. Like... I have a cat. Who is a problem. Colton LOVES her though. And the problem is that she loves him too. She wants to sleep in his crib with him. Which, of course, is definitely not okay. Let me tell you about what she has done last night. and today.

Let's paint a picture.

It is about 8:00 last night and I am rocking Colton in his room. The cat comes in. Okay fine. Well about 8:15 I lay him down (sometimes I stretch the rocking out.. because I love all the snuggles...) and I search for the
cat. No cat to be found. Okay. I didn't search that hard, just casually glanced around. About 30 minutes later, we still haven't seen the cat. So Brad goes back into Colton's room and where does he find Lola? No other place but in the crib, cuddling with Colton. Please do not say "awwww how cute" like my husband did. Rotten cat.

Okay fast forward to today. I put the baby down for a nap. Search for the cat all over the house, can't find her. So I sneak into Coltons room and search and search for her. I am seriously crawling around his room whispering "lola" trying not to wake Colton up. This goes on for seriously 15 minutes. I search everywhere: in his closet, under the crib, behind the glider, etc. No cat. Phew, I give up. Okay so here we are about 20 minutes later and Colton does a little gaspy screamy (weird noise, sounded like he was startled awake) and I go stand by his door. He starts chatting and chatting and making cute little baby noises. So I open his door and what do I say? A CAT LAYING NEXT TO HIM IN THE CRIB.

Seriously y'all. This cat evaded me while I was searching for her, so she could sneak into the crib. I have no idea where she could have been. It has now been 20 minutes of Colton NOT NAPPING,just chatting in his crib, while I am out here praying and praying he falls back asleep so that our day isn't completely squ
ashed. If colton doesn't get his morning nap, I tell you he will be a Mr. Cranky Pants all the rest of the day.


End of story.

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  1. So I occasionally pop in to read your blog and I'm glad I did today because I have to say the cat thing is pretty adorable as an outsider. And at least the cat likes Colton, my friend had two cats that took over the crib before the baby came along and were not happy at all that Sarah tried to add a baby to the crib.

    Anyway I haven't used blurb because scrapbooking my dog's life just seems kind of sad. but I know that you can do digital scrapbooks... has the little embellishments and i know there are lots of other sites like that. But maybe something like that could work and then you just upload the big picture for your scrapbook.

    I'm glad you're well! And your family is so cute!