Thursday, April 28, 2011

embrace the camera 4/28

Embrace the Camera, y'all. Go on over to and join the fun!

Here is my cutesy little family on Easter before Church - all matchy. PS.. we are standing on our front walkway and look at our beautiful rose bushes. I love them.

Colty-bug and Mommy-bug hanging out on the porch. It is so hard to get pictures of us without anyone else to take them!

There are crazy storms here right now. Tornadoes and everything. And we have no basement. And last week when there were crazy tornadoes, Brad and I had no idea. Our power was out and there was no tornado siren. NC has no idea how to handle these tornadoes.
Hopefully it doesn't come to our house because I have no idea where to go when there is no basement. I suppose my walk-in closet?

More to come, hopefully!


  1. Oh you just stop being so cutesy. Just stop it. Too much to handle. Also I love you new spring layout :)
    Lots of LOVE,
    From your sister-bug!

  2. your blog and your little boy are just precious!!

  3. What a cute pic. If we weren't intentional us mommies would never be found in any pictures! Hope the storms weren't too bad on you ;)