Wednesday, April 6, 2011


It is Wednesday, and I am posting. I thought about waiting until tomorrow so that I could be "on track" for my thoughtful thursdays, but I have time now. And things to write about. And so here we are.

Colton had his first sleep-over the other day. With a girl. This will be the only sleep-over with a girl, btw.

Here is how it all went down.

Friday. Brad had a pretty bad stomach ache... we kept thinking "what did you eat that could have given you this." But nothing came to mind. He pushed it aside and did all normal things for him - went to work, went on a long run, played with the baby, etc.

Saturday. Bad stomach ache turned into increasing pain in lower right abdomen. (we later found out the name of this spot -McBurney's point). Still.. no extra thoughts about it. Just taking it easy around the house. Until about 7:00 when we started googling, and realized he had all the exact symptoms of appendicitis. Ugh. No way. So, with a little bit of talking, the decision was made. If in fact it was appendicitis, he could not wait until Sunday morning to go to the hospital. (Or Monday, like he originally wanted to). Brad decided to drive himself. What. A. Ridiculous. Idea. But I could not not NOT talk him out of it. ("we don't even know what it is. it could be nothing. we dont want to take the baby to the hospital. etc. etc. etc. just let me go") Ugh. I gave in. Luckily it turned out okay but I had a bad feeling about it the whole time.

Sunday. 1am. hadn't slept (should have gone to the hospital) dr.s decide to do immediate surgery to remove Brads appendix. So I call my good friend and wake Colton up to take to her house to sleep the rest of the night. (Her adorable baby girl is only 3 wks younger than Colton.. so they usually have tons of fun playing together!) Make it to the hospital as they are about to wheel Brad to surgery. He looks like he is in lots of pain by this point, but still his composure remains, with a few grimaces. He's so tough.

330am. The Surgeon comes to see me and explains about the surgery, how well Brad took it, etc. Nothing that sticks out in my mind, I just wanted to see Brad. He did say though, that when he went to meet Brad and was told the size of his appendix, he did not think that Brad could be the patient they were talking about. He assumed Brad had accompanied the patient, because usually someone with that size of appendix is practically incoherent with pain. But not my husband. My husband drove himself. Yes. He better not have been practically incoherent with pain.

The recovery went pretty well. I love the funny loopy things people say when they are coming off of anaesthesia. Brad's best one this time:

B: "did they get it?"
J: "get it?"
B: "yea. did they get it out?"
J: "oh, yes, it is gone. don't worry"
B: "good. we sure showed that appendix"

hahahahaha. I cracked up. Seriously ya'll. this was the comedic relief my tired worried self needed.

anyway. here we are. he spent until monday around noon in recovery and then he was released, getting 2 weeks of leave time from the drs. But remember how he drove himself to the hospital? Because he's so tough? Well it is now Wednesday and he is back at work today. My husband apparently doesn't know how to "take it easy" and "recover". He did, however, spend all day yesterday and Monday afternoon like this:

"Jessica... I'm hungry" .... "Jessica... I'm thirsty" .... "Jessica... I'm cold" .... "Jessica... I need a shoulder rub" .... "Jessica... I want to play Wii" .... "Jessica... I want to watch TV"

Turns out, he knows how to "take it easy" when it involves getting me to do everything for me. But honestly.. I didn't mind. I kept thinking about how thankful I am that we live in 2011 instead of 1711, before this surgery existed. When people just died if their appendix attacked them.

So here we are. If you want to pray for us... pray that Brad knows his limitations. I don't want him pushing himself too hard and hurting himself.

Maybe I will still do a Thoughtful Thursday tomorrow. We will see. :)

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  1. Wow! I had no idea this is what you all were going through! Thankfully this happened after you were back there with Brad! So scary to go through stuff like this. I will certainly keep you guys in my prayers!

    BTW...can't help but think of the commercial with the guy on the couch suffering from the "man cold," and he asks his wife to hand him the remote that's like 5 feet away. Too funny. Oh Brad, oh MEN! ;)